Looking On The Bright Side of Challenge

What is a Challenge Coin?

It is expected among military people for them to give their very best that even some work harder to exceed expectations. There are situations to which their productivity, efficiency and act of bravery are considered exceptional already and their superiors see to it that their men feel it. Actually for these brave men, a simple verbal expression of saying thanks or a gesture of handshake is enough for them.

On the other hand, military coins are yet another way to which soldiers can be thanked for the outstanding commitment to their work. These coins although has a small size carry a truly special meaning to our soldiers. When soldiers return from deployment, he or she normally has challenge coin together with other of their prized possessions like dog tags, photos and wedding rings.

The military challenge coins do come in different colors, sizes and shapes and usually customized to represent the unique situation to which it’s being presented. Numerous soldiers are carrying challenge coins wherever they are. The ways to which leaders design the coin are varying like for instance, a command sergeant has regular battalion coin that represents his group and a personal coin that has his rank and name engraved on it. When presenting the coin to you, it shows personal expression of saying thanks from leader to one of his men for the hard work.

But you don’t have to be a leader or an officer even only to get and give military coins. It’s for the reason that even regular soldiers can give and receive it. For instance, it is possible to get coins from a Post Exchange and then award it to other soldiers for their remarkable deeds or any specific actions. Generally speaking, the more unique the coin is, the bigger the value it has, though mass production coins bought in PX may have a whole new meaning to its recipient. You must know that challenge coins can be given as well outside of the chain of commands. It is because there are cases in which one chain of command who interacts regularly with another may recognize the contribution and effort of another person with a challenge coin.

Yes it is true that the coins are typically representing serious situations, they are most of the time part of a relaxed tradition. There are cases where they are used as a way to challenge other soldiers. For instance, soldiers who are out in the field may set a challenge of showing their own coins among others. Then whoever failed to produce one has to buy everyone a round of drinks.

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